The Truth of Who We Are

You must see what you are doing to yourself because you do not know yourself, you do not see yourself, you do not hear yourself – most importantly, you do not hear yourself. You need real friends, not just the friends who are upholding your subconscious. 

Trusted friends kill you faster than enemies. With enemies, your senses become alert. With friends, no, you have only one guardian – your intuition. You have only one friend – your calibre. You have only one super message from your consciousness – become great.

In the coming age, those who are doing yoga will be the most useful. There are two most powerful things: mantra and meditation. Mantra will extend your ecstasy. Meditation will purify your mind, and you need both. What good are makeup, clothes, money, and glamour if you do not know who you are.

You must die and live with reverence for yourself. Without reverence for yourself, and by yourself, this life is useless. You can shave your head, be abusive, walk naked, or wear antique clothes, be good or bad, with all that you are – do you have reverence for yourself? Are you independent? Are you free? Do you understand your values and your virtues?

Yoga is not what people tell you, what you read in books, or practice that you do. Yoga is the conception of self-realization of respect, dignity, divinity, and grace. It is all you. And it is all you within you. It is not outside. Yoga is not making postures. Yoga is when you within you is united, not outside with any god.

Source: Yogi Bajan via Guru Jagat

Amanda Wilkie