Shakti & Shiva

Like the concept of Yin and Yang, Shakti and Shiva are manifestations of the Divine Consciousness. Shakti represents the Power of Becoming and Shiva represents Being. Shakti is the feminine energy and Divine Mother, and Shiva is the masculine energy. The duality relationship between Shakti and Shiva is defined by light – Shiva is the light, and the object of illumination is Shakti.

When Shakti and Shiva come together, action, movement and creation arises. Energy without consciousness is ignorant, disordered and blind, and produces nothing until consciousness gives it content, form, and direction. Likewise, consciousness without energy is dormant power and sleeping energy, unable to pursue a cause of anything.

Shakti is also known as prana, or kundalini, which is the dormant energy that lies dormant in our root chakra until we experience a kundalini awakening, spiraling up through the chakras, connecting Shakti and Shiva. Shakti and Shiva represent integration and transformation.


  • Energy

  • Power

  • Movement

  • Change

  • Nature

  • Provider

  • Abundance

  • Nourishment

  • Warmth

  • Security

  • Manifest

  • Formed

  • Relativity

  • Fluctuating

  • Arising

  • Returning to reality


  • Pure consciousness

  • Being

  • Unchanging

  • Unlimited

  • Unswayable

  • No desires

  • Empty

  • Clear

  • Un-manifest

  • Unformed

  • Reality

  • Enduring

Amanda Wilkie