Intentional Life

Intentional living is a lifestyle rooted in mindfulness. Intention allows us to experience our life in a positive way and look at our life as a journey or a purposeful path. We learn how to live life from a place of peace and empowerment. Nothing is absolute; everything is ever-changing and evolving.

Intention setting is part of a personal practice – what we do each day that sets the foundation for a better life. Wearing intentional jewelry is a positive reminder throughout our day of the intentions we’ve set for ourselves and of our integrity and commitment to our highest and greatest good.

Intentional living is presence. When we fully live in the moment, we take in greater joy in the good moments and relieve ourselves from unnecessary extended pain in the not-so-good moments.

Components of an Intentional Life

1.       Mindfulness: Become an observer, and practice non-judgmental awareness in the present moment.

2.       Authenticity: Live from your heart and soul, not from the ego.

3.       Openness: Embrace all moments in life for learning, seek personal truth, and acceptance.

4.       Intentionality: Live from a responsive and proactive frame of mind, not reaction or autopilot.

5.       Grace: Accept the imperfect, and practice unexpected kindness, love in action, and forgiveness.

Amanda Wilkie