Healing With Energy

Known as prana in Indian culture, and qi or chi in Asian cultures, these terms mean “life force”.

We are made of energy, and Eastern medicine believes that when our energy centers (chakras, meridians, etc.) are blocked, this is the root of illness and disease. Addiction, for example – including drugs, alcohol, shopping, sex, video games, control, and compulsiveness behaviours – is caused by the lack of connection primarily to oneself, and subsequently to others. Our bodies reflect what we are feeling and thinking, and it reflects the deep need to heal when we feel chronic pain – we often attribute this broadly to “stress” as a catch-all for all the symptoms stress produces.

Emotions are only energy. When we are energetically healthy and in balance, emotions flow through us and we release them, as we experience them. Otherwise, the energy of negative emotions get stuck in our bodies – in our organs, muscles, and our deepest levels at our connective tissues. Allowing suppressed emotions to be released clears these energy blockages, improving our mood and emotional and mental health. Likewise, karma is neither good nor bad, positive nor negative – it is simply energy stored in our cells.

Yoga and meditation are tools people are increasingly turning to in the West to heal and reconnect ourselves within ourselves, which is empowering and enables people to continue to make healthy decisions for themselves in all aspects of life. Yoga and acupuncture, for example, clear energy channels improving the flow of energy throughout our bodies for a greater state of homeostasis. Practices such as yoga and qi gong activate our energy centres, allowing stagnant energy and breath to flow through our bodies, encouraging release and healing on the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and energetic levels.

This is what is meant when you hear someone talk about how we need to “heal” – energetic healing, or healing at our cellular level. Deprogram so we can positively reprogram.

Amanda Wilkie