Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine

We live in a world of duality and polarity. All of us embody divine feminine and divine masculine energies, and part of our journey is to seek balance of these two within ourselves.

Divine Feminine

There is so much compassion and kindness in the Divine Feminine. An extremely high vibrational energy which is light like air and soft like silk. Mild like a dewy river in paradise. Calm, peaceful, infinitely wise. The Divine Feminine embodies a sense of calm and complete ownership of herself, above all, a freedom to be herself and stand in her own identity as a soul. She is free from shame and guilt, because she knows that she is love, she is perfection. She is bright and shining and wise, intuitively accessing all the realms of the universe. She is strong, but from her point of inner stillness – not to compensate for something – she is effortlessly powerful as the light of her soul.

The Divine Masculine

 There is so much tenderness in the Divine Masculine. Strength, but not dominance. The overwhelming energy is love. The Divine Masculine is peaceful, supportive, loving, brave. In the Divine Masculine, there is no fear-based drive for domination, because he values and understands all perspectives. There is no anger, because is a master of himself – functioning from a core inner strength. He does not seek pleasure or adoration by multiple others to affirm his value through sex or position, because he already dwells in his own power, his own wholeness, his own strength. He does not need outside confirmation that he is enough.

Source: Cassady Cayne, Twin Flames 11:11

Amanda Wilkie