Your entire 12 Chakra System can be thought of as one brilliant ascension pillar of white light, connecting you to the Divine light above, and to the Divine of the earth to the core below.

Physical Chakras

There are 7 physical chakras, or energy centers, within our bodies through which energy flows. If any of our chakras have blocked energy this can lead to imbalances and illness physically, mentally, and emotionally, so it's important to understand the representation of chakra and how to keep our energy flowing freely.

First and Root Chakra

Represents: Survival. Our foundation and feeling of being grounded, safety, and security.

Location: Base of spine in tailbone area.

Second and Sacral Chakra

Represents: Sexuality. Our connection and ability to accept others and new experiences, abundance, creativity, wellness, pleasure, joy, passions, sex, pleasure, and learning to let go.

Location: Lower abdomen, about two inches below the navel and two inches in.

Third and Solar Plexus Chakra

Represents: Power. Our ability to be confident and in control of our lives, personal power center of energy, willpower, self-acceptance, self-worth, self-confidence, self-esteem, and ambition to succeed.

Location: Upper abdomen in the stomach area.

Fourth and Heart Chakra

Represents: Love. Our ability to love the self and others, emotional healing, inner peace, appreciation of beauty, and compassion. The heart is a sacred portal, which when open, allows you to access to the gifts of your higher energetic centers, and in and of itself is the doorway to the realms of angels and Divine love.

Location: Center of chest just above the heart.

Fifth and Throat Chakra

Represents: Communication. Our ability to communicate, self-expression of feelings, truth, listening, responsibility, faith, and creativity.

Location: Throat.

Sixth and Third Eye Chakra

Represents: Intuition. Our ability to focus on and see the big picture, feeling, sensing, hearing, connection to energies beyond the physical, intuition, imagination, wisdom, and the ability to think and make decisions.

Location: Forehead between the eyes (also called the Brow Chakra.

Seventh and Crown Chakra

Represents: Spirituality. Our ability to be fully connected spiritually, dreams, visions, hopes, inner and outer beauty, connection to spirituality and pure bliss, Divine realizations, spiritual downloads, connection to Spirit, and alignment with higher purpose.

Location: The very top of the head.

Spiritual Chakras

There are 5 spiritual chakras, or energy centers, above our bodies that help you to become one with the universe, where your awareness is slowly being moved away from your center (your own self) and being moved outward to encompass the larger framework of other peoples, realities, and divinity itself.

Zero and Earth Star Chakra

Represents: Your connection to the Earth’s life force, to the crystalline grid, and to All That Is.

Eighth and Auric Chakra

Represents: The energetic center to access higher consciousness, where Divine love can be truly felt and experienced, and awareness of power as a Divine soul and spiritual being is recognized.

Ninth and Lunar Chakra

Represents: Your direct connection with Source, and your ability to communicate with light beings, angels, guides, and star beings from around the galaxy. The Divine Universal Twin Flame and soul blueprint (skills and abilities learned in all life times).

Tenth and Solar Chakra

Represents: The access point to that infinite flow of creation, manifestation, synchronicity, the merging of the masculine and feminine within, divine healing, balance, and full access to the Divinity of the soul.

Eleventh and Soul Star Chakra

Represents: Heightening self-actualization and self-awareness, advanced spiritual skills, healing, insight and growth from the highest realms into your present existence, balance to humanity, Earth, and the higher realms of spirit.

Twelfth and Divine Gateway Chakra

Represents: Full ascension, advanced spiritual skills, complete oneness with Divinity and full connection to the cosmos, enabling peace, balance, and ascension to enter into humanity through you. Divine light pouring down through your chakras in an unending loop of Divine awakening, presence, growth, and advancement.

Amanda Wilkie