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Scot & Saxon seeks to cultivate and evoke an intuitive connection to heritage and homeland through holistic, healthy, and healing items for the physical and spiritual, personal and planetary. Scot & Saxon embodies a wellness lifestyle for the mindful, modern woman.

Scot & Saxon is intentional living through connection to homeland, ancestry, and heritage. The places that feel like home, and the memories that whisper to us, to draw us back again. A longing for far-off, beautiful, expansive spaces where our soul feels freed to fly. The experiences through which we truly feel alive and connected, as we are, to all of life. A sense of freedom, a soundless song of liberation. Endless possibilities in the pursuit of what matters most deeply to us. It’s our quiet inner voice of truth, softly guiding us toward our highest, truest, and best selves. It’s the magic we can’t put into words, but always know when we see and feel it. A life led by heart, intention, and intuition. Scot & Saxon is the reflection of love for homeland, present and past, from the valley of a mountain range to the wild ocean coast.


Scot & Saxon is a search for soul, and the passion for creating the best and making the most of the journey.

Amanda Wilkie, Founder & Creative Director

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