Shungite Pyramid

Shungite Pyramid

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In 1706, Russian Tsar Peter the Great ordered Shungite to be brought to his Summer Palace and wanted it placed inside his water fountains because of its reputation for healing and purification. In 1719, Peter the Great founded the first healing mineral spa in Russia, Marsial Waters, in Petrozavodsk, Karelina, where the water flowed over Shungite deposits, giving the water its marvelous healing qualities. The Tsar visited the spa personally on three separate occasions and swore by its powers. He also ordered his soldiers to carry a piece of Shungite and use it to purify their drinking water during military campaigns. Protect your energetic field and aura against negative or unwanted energies and EMF radiation by wearing Shungite every day.

Pay attention to the sensation when holding Shungite in your hand.

Found only in the northern Russian district of Karelia, Shungite was formed about 2 billion years ago. Shungite is composed of nearly all the elements of the Periodic Table. Though it is commonly known that not all chemical elements are beneficial to life forms, a surprising feature of this mineral is that water only absorbs its health-giving components. Moreover, experts have reason to believe that water contained in Shungite deposits gave birth to life, because its natural structures and complexes are similar to those of a living cell.

Energetic Benefits

Shungite is a rare and incredibly protective stone of transformation. It is a natural source of fullerene molecules, which absorb free radicals and shield the body from electromagnetic radiation. Shungite is a powerful chakra healer, transmuting negativity into positivity, improves memory, relives stress, and creates an atmosphere of peace, love, and happiness. It clears and purifies toxic living and working environments, amplifies meditation and healing practices, and can be used to create a sacred space in bedrooms and healing spaces. Children are more vulnerable to EMF because they’ve been exposed to it since birth, much longer than their parents and grandparents, and because their nervous and immune system are still developing. Shungite purifies water with healing energy from its powerful energetic field, and can neutralize numerous forms of negative energy.

Health Benefits

Shungite cleanses and rejuvenates at the cellular level, induces recovery, and promotes growth in living organisms. Research indicates Shungite water decreases inflammation and histamine in the bloodstream. For example, health benefits include decreased allergy symptoms, improved skin elasticity of the skin and heals skin conditions and wounds, and relieves gastro-intestinal ailments. Protects against free radicals, which are electrically charged molecules present within us and our surrounding environment that have the potential to damage the tissues of our body. For example, this damage, referred to as oxidative stress, can lead to changes in the skin including the appearance of aging, uneven tone, and dullness. Antioxidants, such as Shungite, work within the body to neutralize and help prevent any potential damage that can be caused through the process of oxidative stress. Emotional and psychological effects may be due to the fullerene’s crystalline matrix, by creating fullerene-like cages within the molecular water matrix.

Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry is the concept that the fundamental building blocks of our universe are based on mathematics and form, and are mirrored in all of nature in these repeated patterns and geometric shapes. These connections and patterns are also the molecular blueprint for the basis of all life and everything else in the universe, and as such, these universal laws are absolute and static, unchanging and unaltering over space and time. We use Sacred Geometry to harness the energetic frequencies of the shape to unite the physical and spiritual, and healing can be facilitated and meditation enhanced by using these shapes.

As the symbol of the universe, the pyramid amplifies energy and memorizes and diffuses intention. It enforces regenerative energy for the physical, mental, and emotional bodies, and aligns one with self-confidence and their higher self.

Geopathogenic Radiation

Experimental data proves that Shungite pyramids provide a secure shield against harmful radiation in geopathogenic zones. Geopathogenic zones occur as a result of the irregularities in the earth’s crust caused by underground streams or springs, ore deposits and geological faults. A person exposed to such a zone everyday, would experience otherwise unexplained symptoms such as apathy, headache or weakness as a result of constant exposure to the geopathogenic waves. In such cases the immune system weakens, onset of disease becomes more frequent, and there is a general feeling of disharmony. Medical research certifies that geopathogenic radiation causes cardiovascular disease and up to 60% of cancer-related illnesses. When the pyramid is placed near a person, immunity is boosted and nervous tension is released. Headache and insomnia fade away, and overall health improves.

Electromagnetic Radiation

The Shungite pyramid also protects homes and industrial premises from the electromagnetic radiation emitted by TV sets, computers, microwave ovens, and even appliances such as refrigerators. Simply place a Shungite pyramid between yourself and any of these devices. Placing the pyramid at your bedside or on your desk, harmonizes the atmosphere, resulting in a reduction of nervousness, dissatisfaction, or over-excitement.


Placing coins, jewelry or other small items near a Shungite pyramid, purifies them of the effects of the negative energy fields they may have acquired. Purify water by placing a pyramid in a three-litre jar and setting it in a sunny location for 48-72 hours.

Caring for your Shungite Pyramid

Every two-three weeks, place the pyramid in the open air (on a balcony, for example), for about an hour. Its protective features will be restored. Polishing the pyramid will not affect its properties; it will only become more attractive.

Pyramids and the Energy of Forms

All material objects are known to emit energy—good or bad. All this energy has corresponding effects on living organisms. This is also true of man-made structures. Scientists studying the influence of geometrical shapes, have, for example, noted the negative influence of living in square or rectangular houses. Many articles within these houses, such as projecting parts of furniture or pendants of chandeliers, also violate the energy of the space they occupy, creating unsound angles or whirlwinds in the room’s energy field. Experts are quick to point out, however, that buildings with pointed roofs produce a wholesome energetic effect. This would explain why many places of worship, regardless of religion, are built with steep-pitched roofs having such a pyramidal effect.

Making one’s dwelling energetically sound in this manner will help maintain vitality. But an even greater effect can be obtained from pyramids made of stone. According to Yu. O. Lipovskiy, a leading Russian expert in this field, “every pyramid, no matter what colour it may be, or what rock it may be made from, present(s) the highest physical form to link us to an everlasting source—the cosmos.”

The information and product that we are providing are for educational purposes only. As stated above this information and product are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. In all health-related situations, qualified healthcare professionals should always be consulted.

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