Spirituality & Science Pop-Up

Spirituality & Science Pop-Up


Since launching Scot & Saxon, many people have told me they could listen to me talk about crystals and energy for hours and recently I’ve had requests to host groups who would like to learn more. So, I am now offering personal Pop-Up parties!

Invite your family, friends, and community to your home and I’ll bring my jewels for an afternoon or evening of discovery about the spirituality and science behind crystals and all things energy.

Host your Spirituality & Science Pop-Up:

☆ 2 hours on a weekday evening or weekend afternoon/evening

☆ $75 to host

☆ Free host(ess) gift

☆ 20% off jewellery to your guests

☆ Currently offering in Calgary (and area), Alberta, Canada

Email me at hello@scotandsaxon.com for questions, or once you’ve ordered a Pop-Up via checkout, I’ll be in touch right away to discuss details of your gathering.

☆ Amanda Wilkie, Founder & Creative Director

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