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Arlene Enns Art

While I would love to list a bunch of college and university credentials, all I have to my credit are a high school diploma, a couple years of post-secondary college and 52 years of experience in the school of life.

I have loved to produce arts and crafts all my life and have only now, after raising 3 children and terminating a 16 year restaurant business venture, begun to find the time and energy to pursue art as more than just a hobby. I began in oil paints years ago, switched to water color when the children were small and recently jumped into acrylic just because I could.

I still like to play with a variety of mediums on a variety of surfaces. So far I have managed to sell enough to keep me in canvas and paints, and am proud to say I have had a number of pieces commissioned to date. Though I have no formal training to speak of, I do enjoy pushing myself out of my comfort zones by taking and teaching the occasional art classes, entering juried exhibits, as well as holding my own exhibits.

My motto is "affordable ORIGINAL art" as I believe everyone should be entitled to beautiful works that speak to them and should not be limited to main stream prints and mass-produced art.

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Calgary Honey

After finishing two back-to-back Kinesiology degrees at the University of Calgary, Cheryl felt she needed a way to re-connect with nature and her heritage. Like her grandfather, who had kept bees on his small mixed farm in Saskatchewan, she started with one little hive. Unlike her grandfather, she installed that hive on the roof of her unfinished contemporary home in Calgary’s inner city (à la Pushing Daisies).

Four years later, the house in now finished, the bees are down from the roof and safely installed in the backyard, and Calgary Honey has won numerous awards for its superior quality. We simply extract, strain, and bottle our liquid honey – nothing more – and make our creamed honey in small batches with the utmost attention to detail. Pure Calgary Honey is never pasteurized and always delicious.

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Shylo Victoria Fragrance

Scent has an incredible way of capturing you and taking you back in time, to your most precious memories.

Creativity and uniqueness can be expressed through fragrance. At SHYLO VICTORIA we strive to create an aroma designed to capture this while stimulating both a sense of intrigue and serenity in each handcrafted bottle throughout our line.

Call us old-fashioned, but things used to be built better, made to last, with quality ingredients. Today, we put these same values into every bottle.

With a determination to make the world a better place, SHYLO VICTORIA makes products that are better for you, the environment and are not tested on animals. An extensive amount of time, research, and dedication has gone into this product line and we continue to work hard to ensure all ingredients meet this self-imposed high standard.

SHYLO VICTORIA comes from a family filled with strong, independent business owners. They have taught her so much about the importance of business acumen, creativity and customer service. Her father taught her the value of hard work and the importance of quality.

Being introduced at a young age to high quality perfumes by her mother, our founder was instantly intrigued and hooked on the idea of developing her own fragrance line. This infatuation has only grown stronger with each passing year and until now has only been a dream. With spiritual inspiration, a commitment to the highest quality, a determination to succeed and a strong desire to give back, the company was formed in 2016. Today she remains unconditionally grateful to the family and friends who have been so supportive and motivational.


The Limping Wolf

Heritage + Craftsmanship | Wolfgang Hoppichler is a Journeyman Cabinet Maker, Master Craftsman, and certified Engineer in Furniture Design. Together with his wife and co-owner, Ashley, he creates beautiful and unique furniture and decor. Wolfgang moved from Austria to Canada in 2010 to open the Sparkling Hill Resort and Spa in British Columbia as Maintenance Manager. Many of his custom designs and furniture pieces decorate the hotel, including large wooden flower pots at the entrance. His lounge chairs are placed throughout the spa, which features his signature tree artwork inside the steams and saunas.

One Barrel At A Time | The Limping Wolf was born out of a simple project for Wolfgang’s patio; he had a few wine barrels and wanted to make an outdoor dining table with a gas fire pit on top. While cutting the wine barrel to make a door for the propane tank, he discovered that the inside of the wine barrel would create a beautiful serving board. Wolfgang decided to carve the remaining barrels into beautiful serving bowls and The Limping Wolf was born. The name comes from his own name and that fact that he walks with a limp following a hang-gliding accident. One barrel at a time means that all products are crafted by hand and have their own unique features. All wine barrels are sourced locally from the Okanagan Valley in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.